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Hello all, and welcome to Scandalous: A Degrassi RP!

Be sure you've read all the rules before you apply.

The application is as follows:
Just copy and paste it as a comment, then fill it out and post.

You will be told one of four things.

1) You'll be accepted. In that case, you'll need to check the communities invites page (by clicking here) and accept the invite.

2) You'll be asked to apply as another character, whether it be a more minor or major character.

3) You'll be rejected. If you're rejected, you may always feel free to reapply as the same character, or another one. It's up to you.

4) You'll be asked, politely, to rewrite your entry. If that's the case, we will check it the following day, and tell you whether you're accepted or rejected, or we may ask you to apply as another character.

If you have any questions, please contact me or another MOD without any hesitation at all. We don't bite, I promise! ;D

Hope you guys enjoy the community!

Community Owner
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