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scandalous_rpg's Journal

Scandalous Degrassi RPG
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1) Update 1-2 times a week, preferably every 3-4 days, or you will be cut.

2) Comment on everyone's journal at least once a week. This isn't a request, it's a requirement.

3) Do NOT kill off your character, or make them move away, etc. if you quit. Talk to the mods if you have any questions about this.

4) If accepted, add all members to your list, even if your character doesn't "like" them. Check the MODs (vulnerableellie, cheer_manny, shootseth) friends list, and the community info for the complete list. Check the community info often, since characters do change. Add only community members to your RPG journal.

5) Add the community to your friends list as well, and participate in anything the MODs ask you to do, to the best of your ability

6) OOC drama, under any circumstances, will NOT be tolerated.

7) Keep your character somewhat based on the show.

1) We're not going to follow the episodes. You can refer to stuff in the episodes(Like, I remember when Manny got pregnant). If something happens in an episode, you can include it. But we're making up our own stories as we go.

2) When posting out of character, use some sort of brackets. Like ((That was funny!))

3) If you go on vacation, can't update for any reason, stuff like that, let the mods know.

Grade 10
Darcy Edwards.
Nate Sullivan.

Grade 11
Chester Hosada.
Chris Sharpe.
Danny Van Zandt.
J.T. Yorke.
Kendra Mason.
Liberty Van Zandt.
Nadia Jamir.
Peter Stone.
Sean Cameron.
Toby Isaacs.

Grade 12
Alex Nunez.
Ashley Kerwin.
Hazel Aden.
Heather Sinclaire.
Jay Hogart.
Jimmy Brooks.
Rick Murray.
Sully Sulivan.
Tyler Bishop.

Dean Roberts.
Dylan Michalchuk.

Teachers and/or Adults
Archie "Snake" Simpson
Caitlin Ryan
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson
Joey Jeremiah
Matt "Mr. O" Oleander
Mr. Armstrong
Ms. Hatzilakos
Mrs. Kwan
Mr. Raditch

Bold marks characters most needed.


Grade 10
None at this time.

Grade 11
Manuella "Manny" Santos - cheer_manny | AIM: DCSMannyCheer

grade 12

Craig Manning - papa_gonemad | AIM: xrockgodmanning
Ellanore "Ellie" Nash - vulnerableellie | AIM: vulnerable ellie
Gavin "Spinner" Mason - spin_not_spun | AIM: spin not spun
Marco Del Rossi - quixotic_marco | AIM: quixotic marco
Paige Michalchuk - x_spiritgurl_x | AIM: xspiritgurlPMx

None at this time.

Teachers and/or Adults
Seth - shootseth | AIM: shhh seth

Any questions and/or concerns should be directed to:
vulnerableellie AIM: vulnerable ellie - Christine
cheer_manny | AIM: DCS Manny Cheer - Sara
shootseth | AIM: shhh seth - Zara