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Over-Due Mod Update; Number 1

Hey guys! Welcome to the community.

I'm extremely sorry this is so over due. With the holidays and other things, I just pushed it off and pushed it off.

There isn't much to say as far as community updating wise. I don't want to really cut or warn anyone since this is just taking off. Just please be sure you update once every 5 days or so, and you should be good.

As far as members, this is what we have so far. Please make sure everyone is added to both your AIM and LJ lists.

Manuella "Manny" Santos - cheer_manny | AIM: DCSMannyCheer
Ashley Kerwin - ash_tray_heart | AIM: emoband aidheart
Ellanore "Ellie" Nash - vulnerableellie | AIM: vulnerable ellie
Gavin "Spinner" Mason - spin_not_spun | AIM: spin not spun
Marco Del Rossi - quixotic_marco | AIM: quixotic marco
Paige Michalchuk - paigecheerqueen | AIM: queenbeepaige91

And then an original character, Seth.

Seth - shootseth | AIM: shhh seth

Our mods are as follows.

Christine (Playing Ellie), Sara (Playing Manny), and Zara (Playing Seth).

We hope, in the future to accept more original characters, but until we get more spots filled, we don't feel it acceptable to do so.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to comment (anonymously or not) with anything you feel the need to.

On a side note- Promoting is wonderful, just make sure to follow any rules(if promoting to a community).

Happy RPing!

Community Owner
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